Jouni Välijärvi

Jouni Välijärvi is a professor on education policy at the University of Jyväskylä. Previously he worked as the director of the Finnish Institute for Educational Research 1996-2017. He has long and diverse experience about collaboration with teachers, principals, policymakers, and officials – positions ranging from the parliament, ministry, and municipalities, to the teacher union.

Välijärvi has acted as a National Project Manager of the OECD PISA since 1998 and represented Finland in the IEA 1996-2017. He has been a member of several expert groups, for example, in OECD, EU, Finnish Ministry of Education, Trade Union of Education, and Council of Finnish Municipalities. He is a member of the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre and chair of Higher Education Evaluation Committee.

Välijärvi has been a member or chair in more than 30 expert or advisory groups intended to develop areas such as pedagogy, curriculum, evaluation, STEM, and education system on a national and international level. He has published numerous articles in newspapers, journals, and teachers’ and education providers’ professional publications, and has also given hundreds of interviews for national and international media. Välijärvi finished his M.A in the field of education in 1978 and PhD in 1993, both at the University of Jyväskylä.